Focus On Children Co-Parent Education

Focus on Children provides parents with information about how to cooperatively parent after separation or divorce.  All parents filing for divorce or custody of their children are court ordered to attend this class. Proof of attendance may be required to get a divorce or establish custody. Focus on Children is not a parenting class.  We know parents are the experts about their children.  Regardless of the shared parenting arrangements you chose, research has shown children cope best when they are not caught in the middle of their parents’ conflict.  Focus on Children will provide parents with information about the needs of children as they grow and will give parents tools for peaceful problem solving. There are two types of Focus on Children classes, one for new case filings and another for modification filings. The new filing classes offer information regarding the impact and ways to keep children out of the middle of conflict, stages of development as it relates to co-parenting, effective parenting plans, and mediation. Parents are ordered to attend the class together, however one may reschedule if they do not feel comfortable attending the same class together. Generally, guests (significant others or family members) are not allowed to attend if the other parent does not want them in the same class. The modification classes offer specific tools to co-parent when there is low to high conflict, including tips, business-like co-parenting, and parallel parenting. Parents are ordered to separate modification classes, and are encouraged to bring significant others and family members.*

How much does it cost?: 

  • $30.00 for the New Filing Class
  • $35.00 for the Modification Class
  • $10.00 per guest
  • $35.00 (online, see below)

Focus On Children – Online

To comply online you will need tomail $35 by check or money order to Family Court Services before you can view the video. Once we receive your payment, we will mail you the packet, which will include a password for the video. Please mail
your payment to:

Family Court Services
Canyon County Courthouse
1115 Albany Street
Caldwell, ID 83605 

For questions, please email

To Schedule or Reschedule a Focus On Children Class

  • Check the Class Schedule for the date you want to attend.
  • Fill out the Contact Us information below to submit your request.
  • Parties will receive confirmation of the change.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Before selecting a Desired Class Date, please refer to the other tabs to determine when classes are offered. Postponing your class may delay the resolution of your case.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

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